About the Database

undefinedDoing solar business in the U.S. requires an incredible amount of detailed knowledge about utility solar activities and every utility is different. SEPA has developed a comprehensive database of solar projects, programs, market data, policies and regulations organized by electric utility company.


undefinedThis database serves as a clearinghouse for everything related to utilities and solar, from programs and projects to reports and RFPs. You can look at individual utilities or sort by subject areas and see what utilities are applicable.


Electric service providers, solar integrators, developers, and manufacturers, supporting service providers, and policy makers.

Data Overview

  1. Utility Activity Profiles: ownership structure, number of customers, service territory, rates, amount of solar capacity, number of solar systems, and more;
  2. Utility Programs: energy purchases, financing, research, community solar, and more;
  3. Customer Programs: community solar, solar rates, green pricing, and more;
  4. Solar Projects & Rankings Data: operating and planned PV and CSP projects; annual and cumulative solar market data, by utility;
  5. Reports: integrated resource plans, net metering studies, renewable energy portfolio standard compliance reports, and more;
  6. Procurement Documents: requests for proposals, net metering and interconnection agreements, PPA contracts, and more;
  7. The latest solar news in the utility industry.

Additional Information

For the latest state and federal incentives and programs, visit DSIREUSA.org. To send updated data, corrections, or ideas, please email usd@sepapower.org.


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